Qualified Facilitator® Program

Our unique Qualified Facilitator training programme was developed to provide all essential knowledge and skills to those who would like to become professional facilitator.

Qualified Facilitator® Qualification Program Overview

In order to pass the qualifying exam, the following factors must be met:

  • Minimum 7 module from the WWIELAND facilitator trainings
  • Gaining practice as a facilitator
  • Application to the Qualified Facilitator® qualifying exam
  • Participation in the supervision process
  • Successful qualification exam

Minimum 7 modules

In order to acquire the basic facilitator competencies and apply for the Qualified Facilitator® exam, a minimum of 7 of our courses must be completed, which must include the basic trainings (Facilitator role and the Art of Harvesting).


Prerequisite for applying for the exam is the acquired independent practice. Therefore, between the training modules we recommend putting what you have learned into practice immediately. Although our trainings are very practice-oriented and prepare the participants for actual situations, it is important that the participants take every opportunity to practice and gain experience by conducting workshops, meetings and conferences.


It is necessary to indicate the intention that you apply for the exam at the e-mail address info@wwieland.hu. The application fee for the qualifying exam is 135,000 HUF + VAT. After that, we will send you an application form, in which, in addition to the basic data, the acquired experience must be presented based on the given criteria. A prerequisite for participating in the supervision and the exam is that the applicant presents well-founded knowledge and practice in this application form.  After submitting the application, everyone will be notified that a) they can proceed to the next supervision session and exam, b) the applicant can join the supervision and exam at a later date.


The aim of supervision is to develop and deepen facilitator competencies, and increase cooperation and efficiency. Supports processing the experience, emotional involvement, individual obstacles and progress on the subject. At the same time, it aligns the candidates for the exam and seeks to build professional collaborations. The supervision takes place on an online platform for 4 months, culminating in a one-day group supervision, which also serves as the exam preparation.


Participants will be able to present their knowledge and practice in a final exam. During the exam, each participant facilitates a 45-minute workshop. The performance on the workshop will be evaluated and a summary of strengths and development suggestions will be provided to participants afterwards (within approximately one and a half months) in the form of a written evaluation. At the same time, successful candidates will receive a Qualified Facilitator® qualification. Those who fail to take the exam may retake it another time by considering suggestions for improvement. The re-application fee is 45,000 HUF + VAT.

At the moment the whole programme is only available in Hungarian. Further information can be obtained at the e-mail address info@wwieland.hu  or by calling 0036 20-2272982.